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Discover Vegans is focused on building community through a plant-based lifestyle. 


The Challenge:

Discover Vegans was experiencing rapid growth via social media.  The founder, a well-known member of the Boston Vegan community had been experiencing an increase in demand so that was difficult to manage. Although Discover Vegans was experiencing so much growth, the brand was operating solely off of social media and did not have a digital platform to call home. 


Brand Strategy 

Brand Identity 

Web Design 

Email Marketing 


Graphic Design 

Launch Strategy 

The Solution:

The brand strategy focused on two main areas: messaging/positioning and content. A target audience assessment allowed us to gain a strong understanding of whom Discover Vegans should aim to reach and how to develop the marketing geared towards that specific audience. Several e-mail automations were created in order to capture user information. The research conducted also revealed that creating a catering model would make for a much more efficient sales process. We created a streamlined sales solution integrated with automations for the Discover Vegans website. 

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