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Adorn Me Africa is a premier subscription and styling service; providing members with professionally styled ready to wear apparel and accessories designed and produced in Africa. 


The Challenge:

After winning the first round of MassChallenge, zero-equity startup accelerator that has raised more than $4.3B in funding, Adorn Me Africa needed a website to truly bring their pitch to life. They had a Wordpress site up to collect customer information, however it did not provide the customer and brand experience they wanted. They also did not have a way to make sales and desperately needed an eCommerce and subscription management solution. 


Web Design 

Subscription Sales Management



The Solution:

A custom eCommerce solution was built for AMA. This was connected to the custom questionnaire we built that served as a means to help the AMA Style Team curate each box per customer. In addition, we integrated Chargbee, allowing AMA to manage each subscription box, provide customers with seasonal discounts and manage and launch an influencer program. 

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