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Contemporary fashion inspired narratives from across the African Diaspora. 


The Challenge:

As a newcomer in the fashion and retail space, Foundrie was plagued with many of the challenges facing apparel startups. Limited capital, high production costs and limited access to distribution channels were the issues at the forefront. We were on a mission to virtually eradicate these barriers of entry and created a solution to help Foundrie stand out in the oversaturated clothing industry.  

The Solution:

Foundrie boldly confronts fashion’s complacency with appropriate cultural recognition by empowering consumers to become subtle but powerful change catalysts. Our goal was to tell powerful stories through fashion. We began by compiling all of the stories that support the values Foundrie is founded in. From there, we worked with Foundrie's team to visually represent those stories and create a solid sense of brand identity. We also employed smart marketing strategies such as the use of social media and launched a preorder/made-to-order production model to significantly cut costs by covering production costs.


Brand Strategy

Brand Identity

Web Design 

Product Launch Strategy

Apparel Production

Sourcing Overseas Manufacturers 


Creative Direction 

Digital Marketing Strategy 

Strategy  Sessions

"Through this comprehensive and cohesive brand strategy approach, our vision - to boldly confront fashion's complacency with body positivity and appropriate cultural recognition- came to life!"

Clarissa Robertson | Foundrie, Founder

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Forming Brand Identity:

In combination with our deep-dive research, we gathered visuals to extract the brand essence. This helps us to creatively map out the brand by allowing us to identify the most valuable information in a visual context. We use this process to springboard crafting the brand identity.  This brand visualization process is key to our concepting stage as it allows us to push the boundaries, explore, experiment then narrow down.  


Developing Digital Platforms Through Thoughtful User Experience In Order to Build a Loyal Tribe

Making sure that Foundrie has a digital platform that is a reflection of the brand was key. It was important to create an intuitive website that would make the e-commerce experience easy for users to maneuver. We also wanted to create a digital experience that would directly funnel prospective buyers from Foundrie's social media platforms. 

The Results:

The pre-ordering windows provided Foundrie with a successful, revenue-generating launch. The brand had virtually no overhead or production costs allowing the brand to have large profit margins every sales window. 

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