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Trunkbook allows consumers to make purchases, straight off of the runway or live, during an art show. 


The Challenge:

Purchasing art or fashion during live events is complicated. The process is slow, cumbersome, unorganized and confusing. There is an excessive amount of time to complete a transaction which leads to a potential loss of sales. Trunkbook facilitates fast, simple and easy transactions for art galleries and runway or trunk shows. 

The Solution:

Purchasing during art and fashion shows has always been challenging. Often, attendees do not know the buying details while viewing artwork or fashion. With Trunkbook, users are able to search/browse for items by SKU number, artists/designer name, and title/category of artwork/clothing for the specific event they are attending. Organizing artwork/fashion with better search options and beacon technology resulted in a faster and more streamlined purchasing process. 


Research and Strategy

Brand Identity 


Marketing Collateral

Explainer Video 


The Process:

The design process was guided by IDEO’s Human-Centered Design Process to ensure that design decisions were supported by user research and feedback. A user persona also helped align strategy and design. 


Data points were derived after conducting focus groups, surveys and interviews with existing and potential users.

User Flow

The Results:

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts used Trunkbook to manage their sales for the annual Arts Showcase for the Department of Youth Services. Customers experienced a more seamless purchasing experience compared to years prior. In addition, revenue increased exponentially due to a faster check out process and an overall better process for managing transactions.



Speed of transactions increased by 75%

Customer satisfaction: 4/5

Revenue increased by 164% after using Trunkbook

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